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The ZANIN company was founded in 1972. It was a firm specialized in restoring and recovery of ancient luxury buildings in Venice.
In the early nineties, the company started growing and developing its activity in the construction industry. The new brand was called MIR and it manufactured artistic tiles and hand-made decorations for interiors. In the late nineties, the collaborations were expanded thanks to the artistic works of paintors.
In 2004 Marco Zanin, who belongs to the second company generation, created the ZANIN luxury coverings project.
Art and beauty are his continuous search and they led him to create a unique production line whose aim is to make the luxury field of coverings even more precious.
Following this aim, he has created the ZANIN luxury coverings brand. The company staff was expanded, including some mosaics masters specialized in the hand inlaying of these precious materials.
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