Action and training of workers

The rationalization of the technologies and construction techniques to be implemented will be in support of programming in both the executive training.

The technologies used for the construction of the area will be used by:

  1. directly from the companies that provide their services,
  2. local operating.

This can only happen:

  1. through careful training activities both at the highest levels
  2. through the formation of the base of the workforce, both for:
    1. jn the use of the technique,
    2. General behaviour and personal attitude,
    3. Organization of work.

Respect for the natural habitat at the site activities

Creating a master plan for strategic action must enclose inside:

  1. Charter of the environmental invariants: study of possible environmental cornerstones:
    1. marines,
    2. terrestrial,
    3. air-fauna,

identifying levels of protection ;

  1. Charter of the priorities for action: in reference to the general master plan, drawing up a map indicating the priorities for action relating to infrastructure and architectural system;
  2. strategicintervention: Action Paper map with respect to the building site, with highlights:
    1. the places for the storage of materials,
    2. the housing of the workers,
    3. disposal of cutting waste,
    4. waste disposal of everyday work.

This is appropriate :

  1. within the framework ofland conservation,
  2. by virtueof working areas destined to become natural paradises both:
    1. urban
    2. natural.
  3. preventingfrom the very first and delicate stages of irreversible impoverishment of the natural habitat from human intervention.