The Park of Lorenzo il Magnifico Villa

This Park has founded from the XV to XIX Centuries to be the “Plaisure Garden” of the private country villa of Medici Family.
The non-residential buildings has built around the middle of XIX Century from the Lorena Family.
The restoration of non-residential buildings in the Park of the Villa of Lorenzo il Magnifico lasted over a decade; it started through a campaign of study, relief and consolidation of certain products that had a serious state of static instability. The census allowed to understand the diversity of bridges, docks, ports that develop along the Pavoniere and Corsa canals that were partially buried or invaded by vegetation, because of the decades of negligence in which the park as a whole was involved.
The restoration project was based on guidelines from an exemplary model, a tabernacle in severe static instability.
The series of works took place with the setting up of individual construction sites also in the context of the Park open to the public.

Extract of Project and pictures during the Restoration