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For 35 years T045c3b0altos using natural stone to create unique products, made with the help of innovative technologies.
The processing of natural stone, using quality processes and technologies and patented worldwide, allows the production of slabs of fine marble, onyx, granite and travertine in ultra thin thickness. The mechanical performance and the support of specially designed media products make Taltos is resistant to compression and bending ensuring high strength but keeping intact the natural beauty of the stone.
The reinforcements used on our new products give the stone structural and aesthetic, increasing performance and allowing you to work different qualities of marble also structurally fragile, satisfying even the most demanding customer requirements.
Thanks to Taltos Vacuum Process ®application areas ranging from natural stone floor and wall coverings interior and exterior facades and walls.
The natural light that the stone takes after our production process allows to use our products in a naval, air and to create pieces of furniture and countertops.

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