Strategic guidelines for the creation and development of a system of parks within the urban area

This part of the development of the plan should be done with careful consideration of:

  1. Environmental elements,
  2. Landscaping elements,
  3. Cultural elements.

 Goal: to delimit the boundaries of protected areas.

To achieve this it must:

  • Expand the area’s observation
  • Identify areas at risk of degradation.

The possible implementation phases can be summarized as follows:

o   Phase 1 – preliminary activity

o   Phase 2-reconstruction and definition of environmental systems and historical cultural landscapes

o   Phase 3 – identifying strategic areas of intervention lead to financing.

The general purpose of the project: to provide a tool for a “sustainable development” in order to use environmental resources to the territorial government; this can be done:

  1. a.      sensitizing the public opinion on environmental issues;
  2. b.      informing on the benefits obtainable for a better quality of life by improving the eco-friendly behavior;
  3. c.    investing in existing environmental heritage;
  4. d.      implementing policies to safeguard natural resources.

The creation of a system of protected areas and parks that surround the green the most urbanized areas of the territory helps to improve the environmental quality of urban areas of the project; all through:

  1. enhancement of the natural heritage present in accessible areas;
  2. increasing the viability of connection;
  3. protecting existing green areas at the same time at the urban level.

The territorial government consciously as its aims:

  1. monitoring of the weather conditions control;
  2. energy saving;
  3. promotion of natural systems;
  4. the preservation of the flora and wildlife.

Following the strategic guidelines set out in the masterplan gives:

  1. sustainable development
  2. a more sustainable urban environment.