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A Family Story!
Our story started a long time ago….We are here in Sicily, the deep end on Italy, in the after war period. The country, in those years, went through a serious economic and social crisis, in which the only way-out was emigration. So Salvatore packed his bags and left, saying good-bye to his family, in search of a better future. First of all he went to Germany, without knowing the language and without money …the station in Stuttgart was his home for several days. After a short period of time, he moved to Switzerland, the country where he lived for ten long years. His desire, however, had been always the same, return to his beloved land in order to create “something” important, for himself and his family. The 10th of October 1978 this dream came true. Year after year, the Company grew, but not without difficulty, trying to gain more and more of the market.
Today, the company has carried on this mission with the second “Spinello” generation Giuseppe, Gabriella and Dario. They deserve the credit for been able to create a new project, ARTHE Decorative Line and having strongly believed in it. This is an exclusive line of decorative paints, designed to embellish the wall surfaces of some of the most important buildings around the world. An ambitious and fascinating project, which came about in March 2004. With the Arthe line,Spiver has become a leader in the field of Decorative Paints and now exports to more than 45 countries worldwide. Been the protagonist for some of the most significant achievements in Design and Architecture, from Shanghai to Moscow, from Dubai to Bangkok, can only be a source of great pride for a company, which is entirely created on family values. Spiver … a nice family story, “100% made in Italy”!
Spiver, today, is set up on a total area of 15,000 square meters, of which 5,000 square meters covered. Following the completion of a major investment plan, a total restyling of the company has just been completed, giving life to a new and modern logistical point, the doubling of the production capacity, a new chemical laboratory dedicated to the Research & Development of new products, the renovation of offices and meeting rooms, a prestigious Training Academy, the creation of new exhibition areas including the exclusive Arthe Showroom. It was an important investment for an ambitious future as a leader in the segment of Decorative Paint.

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