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About Us

Bayanaka Design is a firm specialized in Architecture and Interior design, for the execution of small to large projects, where the client require, superior overall quality and attention to details.
We have been permanently based in Jakarta from 2010 till 2016 in the East Building in Mega Kuningan. Our Indonesian office and showroom is now based in Sanur, Bali since late 2016.
Indonesia is a very large country with so many new projects to be involved with, and this for us is a very challenging environment to be part of. Blending our European expertise and technical knowledge with the large capacity in manufacturing, creativity and new vision that Indonesia and Indonesian have.
All our Indonesian projects have been a results of a perfect optimized mix of International and Indonesian technical capacity. We collaborate with many Indonesian Architects, Interior designers, manufacturers, contractors, artisans and artists.Our organization employs internationally more than 50 people: Architects, Engineers, 3D specialists, Interior Designers, Specialists in materials like marble and stone, lighting technicians, Marketing and Administrative. We permanently cooperate with
more than 120 people based in different countries and directly with more then 250 companies specialized in all sectors related to our industry:
  1. structural, construction materials, furniture, accessories, marble,
  2. lightings, bathrooms, kitchens, home automation, design firms,
  3. construction and infrastructure.

In Europe we have been operational since 1985 and we have developed projects in: Asia, Europe, North America and Australasia.