Futuro Luce

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In 2004, in Brembate (BG), Alessandro Carrera founded Futuro Luce, capitalizing on a personal predisposition towards design in the field of mechanics and technical drawing. The activities of the company, which began operating in the field of craftsmanship, is aimed at the production and marketing of lighting systems. The company initially specialized in the production of fibre optics, but soon the focus shifted to LED systems. By studying the possibilities of application with constant commitment and keeping with the fast technological evolution of this type of product, they developed considerable know-how, especially for highly complex projects with significant level of integration with various control systems.

Futuro Luce is not only a manufacturer, but a true lighting laboratory, in which the value of personalization plays a primary role. They have always been collaborating and communicating with renowned architects and light designers, offering the customer a solid ability to engineer and develop custom products.

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