Our design proposal integrates an oval shape that recalls a Roman amphitheater composed of arches and permanently curved structure to follow the oval which is half classic and for the other half it becomes a continuous sequence of very contemporary windows that look at the sea.
The half of the amphitheatre glazed and modern is part of a squared structure that always recalls pure classical forms, smooth arches and walls, but with more modern style.
Inside the oval we have studied a fusion of very different styles that blend with each other through gardens, water games, an organic form swimming pool and games of different levels with different views and corners of view.

Concept of Project: New Towers Bridge – Year: 2016

 The tower bridge is designed for insertion in a context of a population very demanding in terms of design quality, space management, elegance, value perception through materials used and finishing and attention to detail.

This architecture is a ‘Design object’ that becomes a ‘precious jewel’, a symbol of elegance and sophistication that aims to give recognition and enrichment to the entire tourist complex. A trademark of the land of destination.

In our vision of architects, the quality of architecture means the obligation to create something exquisite in every detail. An unforgettable destination point defining an entire world and the perception of the luxury, high quality lifestyle, refined intelligence, sophistication and exclusivity.

Project name: Thermal and Water Culture Museum in the Torretta Park

Location: Montecatini Terme (Italy) – Year: 2015

 Terme della Torretta is a part of a wide thermal complex ”Parco delle Terme” which has made Montecatini Terme famous over the years. The guidelines that lead to that thesis project are the historical knowledge, the context study with its peculiarities and the restoration; all that analisys has preceded the ex-novo design (design studio). The design studio concerns the creation of a museum with the aim to collect natural historical and cultural resouces of Montecatini Terme and its territory. Enhancing the value of local assets through the involvement of public and private stakeholder. The new museum would be interactive, in a ludic and creative context where the usula expositive function is supported by many activities such as conferences, workshops and events. The new structure should be necessarly an interactive and multimedial museum where knowledge and amusement become an important attraction for tourists and Montecatini’s inhabitans. Water, in particular thermal water which flow through many sources situated in the whole territory, went through different centuries and cultures and made the success of this place. Through this element could be recovered “the Ville d’eau” historical identity.

Porpouse of the thesis’s project is offer an instrumet to retrieve and appreciate the Torretta establishment and let it make a place of memory, science and entertainment.

Squares of Vo’ (near Padova – Italy) – Concept for new Projects