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Ceramiche il Pozzo was founded in 1980 by the intuition and the creative passion ceramic family Acone-Coppola, admirer of culture Vietri ceramics.

The love for the taste and refinement decorative and color are the driving forces that motivates the company philosophy of “The Well.”

The principles hinges can be summarized as:
a) craftsmanship: the entire production process of Ceramics Il Pozzo takes place according to the specifications of manual typical of ancient furnace Vietri, with minimal use of basic technologies, excluding any kind of standardization and semilavorazione.
The production of biscuit glazing, the coloring and decoration careful control of the cooking process, selection and packaging, everything is taken care of with great care by careful and experienced hands of our craftsmen.
b) careful selection of materials: clay loaves of the best of our land, rich enamels and precious colors obtained with the mixture of bases only give the product unique distinguishing in ceramic Italian.

c) specialization of artisans: the unchanged organic production, the direction to the executive, has inside and qualified professionals of undoubted experience, formed and Jutes asc in the ceramic laboratory of “The Well” that still with their ceramic culture, guarantee high quality production standards, in line with the secular tradition of our sites.
d) cooking in the electric muffle: “The Well” has chosen to persevere in the use of electric arc furnaces in order to preserve the characteristics of a product as faithful as possible to the past, enhanced by brightness, hue, shading and depth of color.
e) diversification of products: strength of the company is the product diversification which is realized in three different lines such as the classic Vietri, modern and lava stone.
f) customization of designs, colors and sizes: Ceramics with the Well is the customer who “creates and implements.” The flexibility typical of artisan production allows us to interpret the client’s ideas to suit every architectural imagination and color, from the classic decorated Vietri minimal colors of black and white.
g) research: the presence of internal research laboratory consisting of a pool of engineers, designers constantly engaged in the design, allows the continuous research and testing of new ceramic projects. The manufacturing process combines craftsmanship with entrepreneurship and industrial organization, in order to obtain a product of high-tech care passionately with hand craftsmanship, to create an exclusive result of high technical and artistic.

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