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In the XXI century, the Group presents itself as a solid and organized in the furniture field, able to offer a complete service to customers: selection of quality products Made in Italy, competence and professionalism of its furnishing consultants, design culture, internal organization. The Group is created by companies from the complementary know-how and develops as a reality network operating together in a synergistic way, to become the largest distribution center in Tuscany and central Italy of high quality products in the field of floors, claddings, bathroom furnitures, taps, bathroom fixtures, doors, windows fixtures, fireplaces and furnitures. Beauty, quality, originality and attention to market changes and design are the cornerstones around which the choices made by the Group in the field of product selection. Advisory capacity, professionalism and attention to customers are the cornerstones of the modus operandi of our Group from the very beginning. To meet the needs of an ever changing market and to provide a service that accompanies the customer from design to implementation, in every respect, within our Group is a division dedicated contract activity in the hotel business, residential, commercial and management; another specializes in the selection and distribution of marble, granite and ornamental stones .; the third devoted to professional installation and implementation of works in resin, cement and plasterboard. The company works with leading designers, with businesses and skilled craftsmen districts to offer customization services, until the creation of tailored collections and unique pieces, enhancing the quality of products, the choice of materials, the craftsmanship of Made in Italy and originality of the proposed solutions.

The company presents the showroom with twelve locations scattered throughout Italy for more than sqm. 10,000 of exhibition and sale.

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