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 Tutorials in italian version

Augmented Reality (AR) is entering more and more in our everyday life and with AR-DEMO-AR app you can now be part of it in a very intuitive way.

This platform provides a very user friendly interface and immediate understanding on how to use it, so you can actually focus on creating the right contents and augmentations effects.

Our role will be to make sure that your project works well, smoothly and always up to date. This platform is suitable for almost any industry and activity: publishing, advertising, art and creative, architecture, education, medical, performances and events, presentations, museums and galleries, commercial, in the shopping process and venues from single shop to entire malls daily operations and many more.

In this DEMO app, we are presenting to you a number of augmentations that you can play with in order to enter in this new dimension of combining the Digital Information with the Real World.

The presented augmentations are different between each other in method and functionality and they are subdivided in ‘categories’.  The AR-DEMO-AR platform is designed to provide the users with the ability to create augmentations = connecting the real world to the digital World and to multiple medias such as custom made videos, 360-degree interactive movies, web templates, interactive 3D models and more.

AR-DEMO-AR app and the appearance of it can be customized in order to provide you and your organization in almost no time, with an efficient well tested and under constant evolution AR platform to use and present to the World with your name and brand.

The working process in this platform is structured in this way:

  • You provide us with your images, markers, multi media contents, augmentation concepts and we will design, create and upload them in the system and make sure that everything works correctly: in different devices, at smooth speed and following the correct augmentation process.
  • You can choose to customize the user interface in a simple way, just changing the colors, the logo and images you consider appropriate to your brand and needs, or you can ask us to personalize the interface in a more specific interactive and graphical way.
  • You can have many main subjects and related number of augmentations for each main subject.
  • You can record movies, take snapshots and selfies with in the augmentations and send them to us and we will make sure that the related augmentations will work well and for the most important operative systems such as Ios and Android.
  • Our platform is a multi-lingual system and new languages can be implemented at your request.
  • With in our app, you will be able to take snapshots, selfies and short movies of any augmentation you will be playing.


Contact us and let’s discuss together your project, evaluate the phases, complexity, goals you want to achieve and structure a path that will drive you there with our assistance.

AR is just at an initial stage of what will be in few years for all of us, so any time now is a good time in order to ‘enter in the game’.  In the long run, it is crucially important to structure well the relations between ‘investment – goals to achieve’.  It is our intention to support and assist you in this process and implementation of it.