Strategic Action for the activation of various sites in the urbanization

The strategic action in the process of preparation of the site should take more facts into account:

  1. Realization of a detailed plan where the various sites are identified and divided for work stages and importance;
  2. Locating a schedule of construction sites in the complex.

It should therefore:

  1. Make a map of priorities of action;;
  2. The evidence put environmental cornerstones;
  3. Create the conditions to reach the various sites in a coordinated manner between the sites.

This would operate by optimizing the actions of assistance; you might assume:

  1. Identification of a central area of general preparation of means and materials;
  2. Construction of primary infrastructure network, as determined by the priorities of intervention of the general master plan;
  • All this taking into account the territorial and environmental cornerstones to be safeguarded;
  1. Construction of the first residential complexes and infrastructure;
  2. Use of areas destined to subsequent structural and infrastructural interventions as an operational base for the current site, reducing in this way the number of areas of sacrifice.

Is fundamental in this respect harmonize as much as possible the language related to technology and manufacturing techniques in order to create a rational and storage system managed by a limited number of companies and operators.