Office and Directional Projects

Project name: Bakrie Office

Location: Jakarta (Indonesia)

1300 m2 of a complex combination of styles, from classical to modern, from minimalistic to deco, using many different materials, a complex room by room color scheme and a detailed lighting system. In this entire project there are many different patterns of finishing and room by room custom created artwork in order to communicate to the visitors and guest Pak Aburizal personality in the many different capacities and interests he has. This office represent a state of the art not only for the finishing, lighting system and integrated artwork, also to mention is a fully automated room by room controlling system, top quality Wi-Fi, and multiple projection systems of which some have been designed and produced exclusively for this project. This is the best example of cooperation between the Indonesian and International manufacturer where all custom design elements have been made and assembled in Indonesian and all loose furniture, lighting, accessories and technology come from around the world.

Project name: Ciputra Office

Location: Jakarta (Indonesia)

Design for the head office in Ciputra World, Jakarta. Focusing on the office floor of 39th and 40th floor of the building.