Disposal of waste water (sewage)

If it is possible think of a recovery of centralized sewage, need to imagine the possibility of equipping the units of a sewage disposal system water.In summary, for the disposal of waste water, it is envisaged the following types of systems:

  1. sub-irrigation system, it is one of the oldest systems and used by man. Its operation is based on proper disposal, from top to bottom, of the waste water on a so-called “percolation bed” composed of multiple layers of draining material (gravel, plastic etc.), allowing you to reproduce the same environment this microbiological in nature.
  2. Phytodepuration, isthrough mechanisms of contaminant removal by type:
    • physical: sedimentation in the water column, filtration and adsorption on the stems and leaves;
    • Chemical: precipitation in the water column, adsorption on medium and ultraviolet radiation;
    • Biological : bacterial metabolism and hydrophytes, direct absorption of plants and natural disappearance.