Other traditional type techniques report to contemporary technologies

Other traditional type techniques report to contemporary technologies; between these:

  • Balloon frame: this traditional technique is still widely used in the places where the wood supply is abundant. This is the case of North America, where its application has spread to both:
  1. Reduced overall costs;
  2. Capacity, simplicity and speed of assembly;
  3. Containment energy.
  • Ventilated walls: The ventilated façade (or ventilated walls) is a special type Perimeter cladding of the walls which provides for the application to dry, on the outer surface of the building, the panels of suitable thickness, not strictly adhering to the structure.The ventilated façade is characterized mainly by the position of the layer of outer coating, which does not adhere to the infill wall but the result is spaced to form a cavity. In this way, you get the natural circulation of air in the cavity due to the convective motion produced by the presence of openings at the base and top of the façade;

Ventilated wall ceramic, acting Academy MTA, Budapest.

  • Ventilated roofs:The ventilated pitched roof is a constructive solution that offers several advantages to the building, such as:
    • ventilationprevents condensation interstitial;
    • Thethermo-acoustic insulation controls the flow of heat and protects the building from noise airs;
    • watervapour permeable and waterproof layer ensures perfect protection of the underlying elements guaranteeing a proper transpiration of coverage.
  • Construction materials Low density: these materials, construction techniques applied to various carriers and coating, contribute actively to the energy containment. Among these are cited:
    • The panel of low density fibers: is often used as insulating panel as it possesses good thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics.
    • Concrete blocks and expanded clay : is a clay concrete artifact expanded specifically studied to realize masonry walls at high temperature-humidity performance that maximize comfort in all the rooms of the building, both in winter and in summer.
    • To keep in mind, very important in countries with tropical and ‘natural ventilation climate that can be optimized by using special technical devices like raised doors with invisible grids of ventilation or with glazing in the upper opening. Another technique widely used in Asian countries in the tropical belt are the accomplishments of numerous holes of measures from 10 x 10 cm to 15 x 15 with mini mosquito nets placed inside and when placed at precise parts of the house and in large numbers, guarantee natural ventilation. Small shutters that open and close manually can then seal these in the case of AC use.

Basic pattern of General graphics considerations to have good ventilation inside a building villa