Welcome to Bayanaka Design Concept Studio

Our Mission

This is a ‘Concept store’ so, in a practical way, this is a place to get inspired, to exchange ideas, to discuss about designs and to meet a team you can trust – a team that is able to offer a variety of solutions and capable to implement them, with precision, efficiency and at a […]

The concept studio

To download the plan in dwg format, click here

New Event

New Event from April 26 to May 27, 2017 Exhibition Art Travel FIRENZE | BALI Project by Rossella Tesi

Why Bali?

WHY BALI? 3 particular reasons why we decide to place the base here in Bali:  It is related to the best potential Indonesian clients that select Bali as their destination, base for investment, business and as a meeting point with the international entourage. It is linked to the large community of international residents.  This island, […]